How can I get my machine serviced? Am I under warranty?

If you are having issues with your machine, we would be more than happy to take a look at it. No need to call ahead, just write a detailed note of the problem, the possible solution you want fixed, name, phone number, email and return shipping address for USPS. All you need to do is put the note with your machine and mail it in to our shop at:

NeoTat Service Tech – 137 S. Miami Ave. STE 1, Miami, AZ 85539

Once we receive your machine it will be serviced immediately. It is usual that service is done within two or three days and sent back to you via Priority Mail.

Please include a note describing the issue you are having in as much detail as possible. It's important to include your Name, Number, Email address and Address for Return Shipping. Please also consider insuring your package.

The package will arrive at the shop and will be given directly to a technician. The better your note is the more likely it will be that the technician can diagnose your exact issue and resolve it. Manufacturer Warranty is good for up to one year after purchase. If the machine has been tampered with, dropped or otherwise physically defected, by another party that is not the manufacturer, the machine will not be covered under warranty. Machines outside of warranty are repaired at parts cost, plus a small servicing fee if the machine requires very much work. We will contact you before making any changes that will require payment.

Is it possible to have my machine customized with my shop name or logo?

Yes, we do offer this service for a small additional fee though, because of the custom nature of the order, you will need to call our shop directly to order this from us.  

Does NeoTat accept returns?

Sorry but we can not accept returns on used tattoo machines. If you think of the sanitation issues that may arise from returning a tattoo machine you can clearly understand. We do not take motor cartridges on any kind of “swap out” deal. If you purchased one of our machines and it has issues you need to address that immediately with us so we can take care of that before you use it. If having service issues please read above.

What if I just bought it and the machine has never been used?

There are specific circumstances where we might be willing to accept a cancelled and returned order which has not been used but we will charge a 15% restocking fee to cover our costs involved. 

Can I buy parts for my Neo/Vivace separately?

You can call our shop directly to order parts. We do recommend you send service to us for repair but we also understand the appeal of doing it yourself. When ordering replacement parts, you will need to know the stroke length of your motor. If you feel you may need to replace a part but are not sure how to do it, or what the problem may be exactly, just follow the steps for service listed above and we will hand fit the new part to your machine. Here is a basic video guide on maintenance for NeoTat Original and Vivace (Stregato is instructions are the same) Video Instructions for Maintenance. The instructions are also available in PDF form Maintenance Manual. If you order a replacement glide these are the instructions for fitting the glide to your frame Glide Fitting Instructions.

Where are NeoTat machines made?

All NeoTat machines are made in our CNC shop, the parts are then hand finished, assembled, and tested for hours before packaging. We are a family-owned business in Arizona and every NeoTat machine ever made has passed through the same few hands.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Parts and supplies should be shipped out either the day you order or the next. Orders containing machines go into production either the day you order or the next but then take several days to build and test. If for some reason we won't be able to ship your order within a week of placing it we will contact you by email to let you know your orders status. All machines are shipped signature required. 

Does NeoTat ship international?

While we have in the past and we do work with various international distributors we have decided to stop shipping international from this store for the time being. The current state of global shipping is unpredictable at best right now and until the state of the world settles down a bit it is easier if we just allow our distributors to handle the international aspects of our business. 

Will I need to pay customs fees?

We do no collect customs fees at the time of purchase so if your country applies fees on shipments you may be liable for fees upon delivery.