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The Neo One Artist Handpiece is the next level of evolution for NeoTat. It has a form factor in between a pen device and a traditional machine, it may look like a pen but it has a tattoo machine grip and the machine is powered by a redesigned (patent pending) version of the same linear glide rotary technology that has powered every NeoTat machine. The Neo One is incredibly low vibration and the shape of the grip allows for comfortable all day use. The motor in the One is VERY efficient so running the machine with a battery is easily managed as it is widely compatible with existing RCA battery packs on the market and we are actively developing our own to get the ideal balance so expect to hear more about that in a few months. 
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  • Neo One Artist Handpiece
    NeoTat Tattoo Machine Original Linear Rotary Machine Neo One Artist Handpiece Stiletto Pullback Grip Not A Pen
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