The wait is mostly over, The Neo One is here.

     Today is the day, the Neo One is available to order. We had a limited early run on hand for Hell City and they were very well received, we made it home, spent a day recovering and got to work on finishing off the parts for the first production run and had one of our Kira mills go down. Fortunately we were able to figure it out and get parts ordered to get it back up and running but we are going to end up at least a week behind schedule. The patent paperwork is underway and we have most of the parts built and ready to go but are unable to machine several key components of the grip at the moment. So while the orders will be filled as quickly as can be and in the order they come in we do ask that you understand that it will be at least a week before any of them actually head out the door though it shouldn't be any longer than that and we will update here if there is any additional cause for delay. As an apology for this unexpected delay we are extending the prerelease pricing for the launch until we can get our production chain entirely sorted out as a thank you for trusting in us.

     The 2020 never ends.

Neo One

     We are very excited to get this new machine out into your hands because we have big plans for a whole line of accessories to really help you find the perfect machine for you. We already have some really interesting grip options in development as well as a dedicated battery pack to achieve the ideal weight to power ratio, both of which are not far off. Beyond that we have some really interesting projects we are working on that are not nearly ready to start showing yet.

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