The NeoTat Stiletto and Pico are now available.

The Stiletto and Pico machines are now available for order. Both machines come in black and will eventually come in our standard red as well though for launch we are offering the machines in a limited edition "Premiere Red" which is a more copper colored red. 

Limited Edition Premiere Red Stiletto
Limited Edition Premiere Red Pico

At 6oz the Stiletto is slightly larger, uses our existing cartridge design, and is available in 1/8th in phono, RCA, and clipcord.

The Pico, which weighs just under 5oz brings the weight forward so the machine is balanced close to the grip and uses a new motor and cartridge design which are comparable in terms of power in a smaller form factor. The Pico is available in 1/8th in phono and RCA.

Both machines come in magic 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.2mm stroke length which can be further adjusted by both the grip and the hit adjustment screw on the top of the glide. 

The machines disassemble for cleaning the same way our existing machines do but the grip is also fully disassemble-able for deep cleaning. The grip comes in three different options, the barrel shaped 25mm standard as well as the 32mm and 35mm ball grip. 

And a few words on how to use the machine from the mad machine builder himself, Ray...

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