The Neo One battery is finally here!

NeoOne Tocca Battery Module

Introducing the most efficient, stable and powerful battery module on the market today.

The innovative design and engineering of the Tocca Battery Module, with NeoTat Touch Sensor technology (T3), allows the artist to consistently toggle the machine on and off by just lightly taping the sensor area.

No longer need to push or squeeze a button anymore, just a quick touch or tap will make the machine run.


  • Replaceable lithium 18500 battery.
  • Quick release locking ring mount.
  • Powerful and stable voltage control.
  • Easy to read OLED display.
  • Voltage and machine speed display.
  • Programmable voltage preset.
  • Timer for elapsed running time.
  • Battery level meter.
  • Right- or left-hand viewing modes.
  • Battery under voltage protection.
  • Stuck cartridge machine protection.
Machine and Tocca Battery Module comes with two 18500 batteries and charger.

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