Introducing The New NeoTat Stiletto and Stiletto Pico

 Neotat Stiletto Tattoo Machine Pico Rotary Cartridge Neo Tat

Introducing the newest machines to the NeoTat line up. Stiletto and Pico, our lightest tattoo machines are coming soon. Quiet and smooth and killer accurate that will let you do the best line work you have ever done! Smooth and powerful to pack in color that is out of this world!

Hope I have created the best daily driver. - Ray, founder and inventor

Neotat Stiletto Tattoo Machine Pico Rotary Cartridge Neo Tat

The new stiletto grips come in three different sizes. 25mm, 32mm and 35mm. Standard 16mm thread mounting. Standard 3mm push bar. Twist adjust, each click gives a tenth of a millimeter adjustment (.004”). Good solid detents that wont slip around in use.

In keeping with our tradition the Stiletto and Stiletto Grips are named after the thin Italian piercing daggers of the same name which are famous for being light and deadly in a duel. The dagger was named after the stilus (now spelled stylus) because of its similarity to the traditional writing implement. Our machine brings together both the light weight and piercing influence of the dagger but also the creating and writing influence of the stylus which seems like the best of both worlds. 

This grip brings a totally new experience to the artist, no longer the need to remove the cartridge to clean the needles during procedure. Now the artist can pull back the grip exposing the needles stopped or running. Releasing the grip pops it back into set position. 

The new grips are totally sealed to keep the cooties out.  Complete serviceability. Simple to take apart to clean and sterilize. Simple to put back together. All machined aluminum parts are anodized and built using space age Viton and Teflon seals. Nothing else out there is quite like a Stiletto.

Neotat Stiletto Tattoo Machine Pico Rotary Cartridge Neo Tat Grip

Built to true NeoTat style and quality.

Out of this world!

Check back here and our Facebook and Instagram pages for information on a release date and pricing as well as videos demonstrating how to use and clean the Stiletto Grips. These new products will be available both here and through a limited number of our distributors.


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