Neo One Preorder Information

       Starting at noon (PDT/MST) on Monday Aug 22nd the preorder page for the Neo One will go live. The preorder Neo One will be set up in 3.5mm stroke with the standard 35mm ball grip and will be engraved with the Hell City logo exclusively for pickup in person at the show in Phoenix The price is $275 down and then the remaining $500 in person (cash or card) on pickup for a launch price of $775.

        These are fairly limited, more machines without the engraving will be available at the show and then here on our site the week after but the preorder will be the best way to ensure you get one within the first few weeks while we work to ramp up production. 25mm barrel grips will be available at the show and can be changed if requested. 

    The product page will have more specifics about the features of the new machine (patent pending) as well as the variety of configurations it will be available in including our new grips. 

Here it is, the real deal as configured for the preorder.






  • I can’t wait for this machine!

    Leonardo LaGonza Gonzalez
  • I’m in. I’m buying one. Only pen I’m buying.

    Steve Makara

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