Black Friday Sale

At NeoTat we do all of our own anodizing in house which most of the time means large batches of the same few colors that we mostly sell through our distributors (Black, Blue, Red, Orange, etc). We are always playing around with different colors, color combinations, and new finishes. Sometimes these then become a part of our regular offerings but for the most part these are far more limited and typically only available directly from us. The interesting but unique ones can't really be sold as a standard product so we mainly sell them in person at conventions.

Obviously in 2020 conventions were not really a thing but we still have a years worth of unique frames that we would like to find homes for so why not throw a sale. For a limited time you can buy any configuration of Vivace for 25% off. The only trick is, you don't pick the color. You choose from either "Light" colors or "Dark" colors, tell us what motor and connector you want, and then we build you something unique. Also, all the machine will come with our special thumbnut which is normally only available on machines sold by us at conventions. 

"Dark" frames.
"Light" frames

The sale will go live on Thanksgiving and will continue for a week or until we run out of supplies. The Stiletto line of machines will also be launching at the same time.

Also, we will try our best to have the machines out the door as quickly as possible for the holidays but please do allow for a bit of extra lead time on these orders as it is the holiday season.

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